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Desirable Outcome

We have made it to the end of another work week. Like most it’s a good feeling to know this is one of the last of a few couple of weeks of 2020. One of the most important parts of a chart is the Midheaven (MC) because it’s the highest part of the chart. Mercury quincunx the MC brings stress with finding balance between the mental demands of work and home. The Sagittarius stellium of Venus, Mercury, and the Sun ask you to tell the truth even when you know the truth may hurt you. Sagittarius is a very positive sign but one of the downfalls of it leads to sugar coating and denial of reality. On the other side of that could be failure to see the positives. You are too focused on what’s wrong that you can’t see what you do have right. This will lead to not having belief and faith that you can accomplish the things you desire. The Aquarius Moon can help you find the emotional detachment to speak your truth. Not only to your community but mostly to yourself. The Mercury Sun conjunction signals news could be coming your way concerning your Sagittarius house in your chart. If you allow this energy to flow, this could be a very creative time for you.



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