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Daily Horoscope Nov. 17, 2021

There is big trouble in little China on this hump day. This could be the day Humpty Dumpty takes his great fall. The energy of irritation, impulsivity, rashness, misunderstandings, and frustrations get released. Beware! The haters are out today. Watch your back. The Moon has moved into Taurus, but when she catches up to Uranus she may be shocked with the response of her arrival. Taurus is supposed to be the Moon’s happy place but Uranus’s opposition with Mars has the whole house smelling like rotten eggs. The Moon’s restricting square with Saturn has people getting out of the wrong side of the bed starting the day frustrated.

Try not to let the ball of negativity gain momentum as it rolls downhill. No man is an island but today is not the day to tell someone things are not as they may appear to be. People will strike out against those who they feel have done them dirty. It’s the release of explosive energy. Will you be the target or are you the one cruising for a bruising? Be careful as you move about the matrix. You have been warned.



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