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Daily Horoscope Sept. 9, 2021

Throwback Thursday to you. How easy is it for you to just go with the flow? Do you have the feeling of wanting to escape your current lot in life? Do you feel a need to find a pursuit you are truly aligned with? Does it seem like your words are falling on def ears? If this is the case, what steps are you or do you need to take to present yourself in a new light? Do you need to clean up your resume or better yet your physical appearance? The Libra Moon is square retrograding Pluto. Pay attention to situations that pop up today. There is more hidden truth to the situation. It points to the emotional state that you are ignoring. The feelings you are trying to bury. Emotions don’t die, they multiply. All events are idiosyncratic to everyone. There are no negatives or positives. It just is. Another man’s trash is another man’s treasure. The good thing is the Moon will come into sextile with Jupiter 21 minutes after her contact with Pluto. Whatever the situation, it is guaranteed to broaden your perspective and expand your thought processes. You have a chance to boost your self-esteem and confidence, or it can take a hit. It’s an autonomous choice. Choose wisely!



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