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Daily Horoscope Sept. 20, 2021

Full Moon Monday to you. I hope you had a great weekend as we head into the last few days of Virgo season. The Pisces Full Moon is bringing us to a culmination of events sparked 6 months ago around February 27th of this year. Think back to where and what you were doing then and take a big picture look at the now. How do you cope with life daily? How do you balance your personal needs and the demands of the outer world? Does your outer world reflect your inner strength? Can you recalibrate your conscious intent and your unconscious impulses? Stop taking the mentally less challenging route. The Mercury Jupiter trine imparts you with the energy of positive thinking. Any business deals, negotiations, exposure to new inspiring information should go well at this time. The moon’s contact with Pluto today brings deep hidden feelings to the surface to be dealt with. The positive mental energy gives you the strength to look in the dark places you once feared. Developing harmony between the inner and outer, the mind and heart, the conscious and subconscious will bring transformational changes that will be long lasting. Let’s get this week started. Remember to have patience trying to prevent the snowball of negativity from rolling downhill.



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