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Daily Horoscope Sept. 11 and 12th, 2021

The prom queen has stepped out the comforts of her gated community upbringing crossing the railroad tracks into the seedy side of the city. Venus has Left Libra moving into Scorpio the world of forbidden taboo sex. It’s the world of the shadow people who deal with the shadow issues. It’s your mystics, astrologers, tarot readers, shamans, and energy workers. Transformative Scorpio is intensity, power, and mystery. Scorpio is the door with the do not enter sign but the need to know makes you enter anyway. Scorpio is not for the emotional or mental light weights. Placing (relationship minded) Venus in this energy ask can you connect with another so deeply that you’re ok being naked on the stage with the spotlights focused on you. Venus in Scorpio is about the raw truth: bullet wounds, scars, stretch marks, wrinkles, grey hairs in all its glory. No tolerance for lies and deception. Can you accomplish this from a non-judgmental space? You need to push past the fear of entering the shadows. "Come into the dark, Carol Anne," leaving yourself a lifeline. You don’t want to reach the point of no return getting lost in the shadows. On Saturday, you will feel the need for a break from work life. Reflection questions: Does it feel like you’re spinning your wheels in the mud? What type of dream did you have last night? What is the big picture message? What truths are you running from? How do you disconnect from the Matrix? Which of your attitudes needs to be reexamined? Where do you need to work with others? By the time we get to Sunday the 12th, the Sagittarius Moon will sextile serious mature Saturn compelling you to seek solitude to be alone with your thoughts. You may even seek counseling from someone wiser than you. In street terms, “Have a sit down with your O.G.” Duties and obligations need to be accepted before Saturn will remove his blockages. By Sunday evening, you want to feel secure in your relationships enough to be able to express the emotions you are scared to embrace. Speak from the heart because the Moon will be in a great position with Chiron promoting healing through newfound perspectives. This takes the ability to step back far enough to gain that perspective and having the ability to see yourself in others. Become "The Observer."



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