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Daily Horoscope Oct. 6, 2021

New Moon Wednesday to you. Hope all is well as you travel through this new intentions Humpday, it’s setting up to be a dandy. The Sun, Mars, and the Moon are having a threesome at 13° Libra. The Sabian Symbol says, “In the heat of noon a man takes a siesta.” There are times to fight then there are times you must admit you have met a greater force than thee. With the Sun in fall and Mars in detriment in Libra, this may be time to wave the white flag of truce. This has been going on too long, the ego and warrior energy has been depleted. Emotionally and mentally, you need a break. Pluto, one of the many planets in retrograde, stations direct beginning the slow subtle shift of forward momentum. “If you break it, you must fix it” is the rule.

Numerology speaking the number 13 breaks down to the number 4 the master builder. There are 4 elements, 4 corners, 4 points on a cross, and the 4 horsemen are all symbols of stability and wholeness. Any person, place or thing you have a relationship with on any level must be balanced. At what point will you realize the common denominator is you?



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