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Daily Horoscope Oct. 27, 2021

Happy hump day and greetings to Scorpio season. The season began with us dealing with the bad taste of Libra season still burning the tongue like cayenne pepper. The tense recalibration of relationships saw some people find a way to reconcile their bruised relationships. Mars is not done with Libra as he moves to the critical degrees preparing to exit stage right to Scorpio. Unfortunately, before Mars Leaves, he will want to take someone or something with him. The Cancer Moon is in opposition to destructive Pluto while in a tense square with Mars. Are your goals, values, and wishes aligned? If not, stop delaying the inevitable out of fear. You’re also delaying the healing process. I’m not saying this from a cold space. When Neptune is square Venus, someone needs to be able to tell you that your mind is playing tricks on you.

How do you communicate this to someone who is clearly tuned to a different frequency then you? The Moon's contact with retrograding Neptune has our intuitive powers heightened. After you decipher the code, act accordingly with confidence that you can handle any problems that arise.



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