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Daily Horoscope Oct. 19, 2021

Happy Tuesday to you. Although I’m sending good vibes only, there is some tense energy still in our midst. Our relationship zone has been taking a beating. Events are coming to a head with the Full Moon at 27° Aries. Don’t forget to charge your crystals up. Technically the Full Moon is on Wednesday morning, but I like to charge my crystals as the Moon approaches the Sun not after the opposition has occurred. We should all strive for a healthy body and mind. The Moon Mercury opposition has you in an inner struggle between your thoughts and emotions. The winner is the one you give the most energy to. Choose wisely. The inner struggle is due to outwardly quarreling somewhere in your circle. Perhaps you have been hurt or you are the one inflicting the damage, while the Moon is conjunct the wounded healer Chiron and in opposition to Mars.

Negative events can yield positive outcomes in the end. Depending on the perspective you choose to take. New information can suddenly come to the surface that may leave you in disbelief. After the shock and awe has faded, your next step will clearly be revealed.



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