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Daily Horoscope Oct. 18, 2021

What a way to start a Monday with not one but two planets coming out of retrograde. First, Jupiter in the early morning then Mercury by late morning. The Mars Jupiter trine and Moon Saturn sextile coupled with the planets coming out of retrograde make this the time to get started on any plans or projects you have or plans that have been delayed. The Mars Jupiter trine gives you the drive to take a positive approach to your growth and expansion. The Moon Saturn sextile infuses you with the energy of focused success. This has been a nerve wrenching retrograde season in the relationships zone. Hopefully this review time allowed you to delete and block people and things that’s throwing off your equilibrium. I personally am looking forward to Scorpio season. The Sun doesn’t like Libra season.

Mars doesn’t like traveling through Libra the sign. Adding a Mercury retrograde, let me know you didn’t end the season with the same number of people you started with. No need to be emotional about it, you put the inevitable off long enough.



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