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Daily Horoscope Nov. 30, 2021

On the last day of November, the Christmas season has officially started. Mars has moved out from under the beams of the Sun becoming the morning star. Your Aries and Scorpio houses as well as the house that Mars is placed in your chart will see a rise in Mars significations. A time of sympathetically connecting to others, even lending a helping hand. It may seem as if you're being intuitively guided. A conversation with someone of age or wisdom is helpful with setting you back on the right course. The Libra Moon is squaring Venus and Pluto in Capricorn. Sagittarius season brings a positive fiery vibe, be careful not to overdue the spending. Your relationships appear balanced because everyone got a gift to the detriment of your personal bank account. The Sagittarius Sun whispers to Mercury, “I need help from Chiron and Saturn to bring emotional balance and maturity to understand how past experiences have prepared you for the now.”

This can also be a time when long standing delays and tensions finally work themselves out. Are you at peace with your personal and emotional life? An aesthetic change in your environment could be just what the doctor ordered. Changing the look of your immediate environment is a great way to shift energy.



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