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Daily Horoscope Nov. 25, 2021

Happy Turkey Day citizens of the matrix. The Sun entered Sagittarius on Monday. On Wednesday Mercury followed the Sun into a sign that is detrimental to Mercury’s health. The clear precise detailed intellectual world meets the energy of preachy condescending doubtful closed-minded Sagittarius. The attention seeking Leo Moon has gotten the attention of the two meanest bullies in the neighborhood, Mars and Saturn. On this day of celebration, the dinner table is being set for entertaining family gatherings. The funniest and most shocking of these gatherings I’m sure will be viral on your favorite social media platform just in time for you to enjoy as you stand in the black Friday sales lines. The Moon Mars square makes this fiery fun loving Leo Moon deal with moody emotionally irritated Mars type people. The Moon is also in a conflicting opposition to Saturn sitting on his Aquarius throne saying, “Oh hell no, not today.” Domestic issues may take center stage. Mercury is united with the releasing/ letting go energy of the South Node. Hearing things about your past could help shift the present. What holds you back?

What demons are you fighting that prevent the expansion of your mind, body, and spirit. Be open to gathering new information that helps you approach life feeling more optimistic, free, and purposeful. What makes you unique when it comes to your Saturn areas? What Saturn ruled houses have you been neglecting in your chart? Become the "Observer," if you're struggling to find that answer.



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