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Daily Horoscope Nov. 18, 2021

Tighten up Thursday to you. Like sand through the hourglass, the universe keeps moving throughout the days of our lives. Yesterday I spoke of explosive energy. To watch your back because the haters are out. We are waking up to another untimely death of a rapper gun downed in his own city. A place you would think would love and celebrate one of their own. R.I.P Young Dolph. Mercury and the Moon are contacting other dimensions while connected to Neptune. The positive side of this energy, it’s great energy for creatives to tap into. If you have been experiencing creative blocks, ideas may flow effortlessly. The yang of this energy, you are more aware of people’s feelings and moods. Avoid Negative Nancy. You don’t want to be influenced by their vibe. We also have an emotionally empowering square between the Moon and Jupiter. You will need the extra boost. The emotional issues that you have been experiencing has made your judgement and communications cloudy. We can just throw logic out the window, you won’t be using that today.

What you will be using is your habitual responses which roots can be traced back to undealt with childhood trauma you thought was buried. Uncomfortable events are rehashed for you to confront these unconscious areas. Technically, the Taurus Full moon is on Friday the 19th but the actual meeting of the Sun and Moon will be tonight while you sleep. Don’t forget to charge those crystals and get those Full Moon Rituals started.



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