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Daily Horoscope Nov. 11, 2021

Scorpio energy is about bonding on a deep level. To bond you must place trust in others. To trust you must always be truthful, acknowledging the good and bad. We will experience a brief uptick in communications in all forms: calls, emails, text messages, maybe even receive the news you have been waiting to hear. Keep in mind, Mars and Mercury are still intimately connected. Patience and diplomacy will be needed. The Moon will conjunct Jupiter while being in an agitated 90° square with the sun. This is a good time to break old emotional patterns that do not serve your higher good. It’s time to learn new styles and techniques to express yourself in a more efficient way.

Although the Moon and the planet of Love (Venus) are not seeing eye to eye, Mercury’s contact with Chiron the wounded healer asks you if it’s time to forgive and forget. Let this be the day you try to avoid upsetting yourself and others by knowingly pulling triggers. The Moon Jupiter blending says it’s time to embark on a new journey. Destination? To be emotionally and spiritually fulfilled.



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