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Daily Horoscope Nov. 10, 2021

Updated: Nov 3, 2023

With half of Scorpio season behind us, we have reached a critical point. Mercury and Mars are Meeting at 7° of Scorpio. The Moon and Saturn are meeting at 7° Aquarius. Mercury is not happy and has taken his complaints to the god of war, Mars. After having an insightful conversation with Pluto, the Moon has taken her grievances to Saturn, the gatekeeper. This creates a tense square between these two points in stubborn fixed energy. The Mercury Mars connection can spawn quick decisive thinking manifesting as assertive aggressive conversations. It can also bring with it harsh words towards you or from you. Irritation levels are high due to delays and blockages of personal freedoms. Saturn is comfortable in his ruling sign of Aquarius. The Sabian symbol for 7° Scorpio speaks of “A calm lake bathed in moonlight.” This emphasizes the need to remain calm during turbulent times. When tension arises, the surrender of personal egos must take place in order to move forward.

Allow the power of love to take over in the situation. Let your honest expression of emotions display your self-discipline, emotional maturity, and tolerance of others. Here is Saturn’s compromise, he will allow radical unconventional change, but you must remain inside the boundaries of the matrix. Is this confinement or freedom? It depends on your perspective.



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