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Daily Horoscope Jan. 7, 2022

Greetings fellow travelers of this matrix. We have 1 week down with 51 more weeks to go in 2022. Luna will complete her stay in Pisces tonight spending the rest of the weekend in Aries. Before she leaves Pisces, she will join the modern ruler of Pisces Neptune entering the world of illusions. We have unconscious emotions that seem elusive, but they are not. The semisquare aspect is here to manifest challenges that help us grow and learn. Considered a minor aspect in astrology, the events may not play out to you as something minor at all. It’s an involuntary release of stagnate energy. You may be forced to address some difficulties in the outer world that sheds light on hidden aspects of your mental state. You will draw emotional lessons which shocks your cult-like personality. What you perceive as common sense is not so common when considering the opinions of others.

The minor semisquare aspect is half of the 90° needed for the square aspect but the events drawn can be experienced as more challenging than the major square aspect. Dealing with the events brought about by the semisquare leads you to greater persistence, increased endurance, and sustained productivity. If you can find the balance between these 2 energies.



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