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Daily Horoscope Jan. 4, 2022

Happy New Year according to Julius Caesar but someone has some explaining to do. How can we start a new year at the beginning of winter? With that being said, we started off the new year with a New Moon in Capricorn. Hopefully not only did you set your intentions for the new month but took a bigger approach and tried to cover the entire year of 2022. Your soul’s calling met with expansive Jupiter on the same day the Moon was commingling with regenerative Pluto. This brought up buried emotions, which is your true GPS system, informing you that you’ve veered off course. You may have to take some back streets and turn down a few dark alleyways to get back on the right track. Pluto is all about the unconscious truth. Truth does not care about your feelings, nor does truth need to be defended. Today, the Moon is in a tense square with the planet of shock and awe, Uranus. This can be expressed as sudden moves, rebellious feelings, and the need for space.

The Moon is being reinforced with the stability of Saturn’s might and strength while they form a conjunction in Aquarius. Can you control your responses? Do you defend or are you too defensive of your feelings? Lessons can be brought your way to test your emotional temperature.



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