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Daily Horoscope Dec. 9, 2021

Greetings citizens of the matrix. The Moon is on the move again. The Moon will leave Aquarius just after breakfast entering Pisces for the next 2.5 days. Before she leaves Aquarius, she will have a meeting with Jupiter. Usually, a Moon Jupiter conjunction is experienced as a positive time or event. How positive will this meeting be when Mars is trying to play spoiler from the squaring position in Scorpio? Depending on your perspective, events are experienced negatively or positively. This is also the energy you need to turn your current position around to work for your benefit. Another possibility is receiving help from a male benefactor, or you could be the one with a rush of Christmas spirit. I do have to warn you.

The downside of this energy is moodiness, snappy comebacks, accidents, and long-standing beefs with your ops resurfacing. Be careful as you navigate through the matrix. Someone may be operating from a place of centuries old raw animal instincts that lay dormant inside us all. How has a negatively experienced event from your past been helping you in a positive way today? If so, send a mental thank you to your oppressor.



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