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Daily Horoscope Dec. 8, 2021

I picked up a family of 3 on their way home from a show. The Mother said, “You have the star of the show in your car. Have you heard about the play?” I replied no I haven’t. She continues, “I love my son, he is so handsome. I like to walk down the street with him and watch the girls try to act like they are not looking but I see them looking.” The mother sat in the front seat while her son and husband sat in the back. As she is speaking, I see the son making all kinds of faces. I can sense he is uncomfortable; I ask what the date of his birth is. It turns out that he was Scorpio. I ask being a Scorpio, how do you get on stage to perform? He replied, “why do you ask?” I said Scorpio energy loves to look at everyone else but does not like people looking at them. He says “this is crazy. I was just having this conversation last night with a friend. I tell myself it’s a job. I have to go out there.” I noticed when your mom was talking about the girls looking at you while walking down the street, you made a few different faces. “Yes, I really don’t like that either.” I explained a few more Scorpio characteristics to the mom, who has been gushing over her son the whole time. She says, “in these brief 10 minutes you helped me understand my son.”

He also was Gemini Moon and a Leo rising. Leo is a fire sign. Scorpio is a water sign. Fire and water don’t mix well together. They are 90° from each other creating a square aspect. If I had to guess this is how he does it. His Gemini energy loves the words in the play. His Scorpio energy dives deep into the character’s psyche inside and out. As he hits the stage, he uses his Leo energy turning this shy guy into the star of the show.



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