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Daily Horoscope Dec. 6, 2021

The weather is cooling down outside, but Sagittarius Season is heating up. As we approach the halfway mark, out of the ashes rises the phoenix energy of Pluto is being activated. Before we get to the ashes, something needs to be set ablaze with temperatures so intense that there ain’t no coming back from that. The Capricorn Moon will take her seat next to fresh out of retrograde Pluto. Both Pluto and the Moon will have Mars sending rays of extreme supporting energy that can be channeled into a project. Power can be found in groups. Projects done with groups allow you to do things on a grand scale but to the detriment of personal recognition. Before the Moon reaches Pluto, she will pick up a honey-do list from the planet of love and desire Venus. Pluto deals with our deepest unconscious security needs. Feelings and emotions that have been lying dormant inside you can be triggered. Does it really matter who set the booby trap? We are creatures of comfort. An extension of comfort is things that are predictable. What is also predictable is repeatedly doing the same thing expecting a different result.

What is an old, outdated belief that you need to place in the incinerator? “It’s the man’s job to make the first move.” Are you really going to hold all men to that belief? Good luck with that. You know who you are. An interaction with someone can pinpoint your unconscious comfort zone at this time. Analyze the raw feelings that emerge, then say “now I lay thee down to sleep” because it’s time to let your phoenix fly.



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