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Daily Horoscope Dec. 3, 2021

Welcome to the first weekend in December. Let’s also welcome this New Moon total Solar Eclipse in the sign of Sagittarius. Since May of 2020, the eclipses have been playing tennis, bouncing back and forth across the Gemini Sagittarius axis. We won’t see this eclipse series on this axis again until 2029. We reached the end of an 8-year karmic cycle that has arrived at a dead end. It’s the great cosmic reset. Do you put more quarters in the video game to continue with the progress you made, or do you let the time run out on the existing game to start from scratch? This eclipse is happening near the South Node of the Moon in a Jupiter ruled sign. Immense shifting of past beliefs, perspectives, even goals you once wanted to attain. The Nodes have reached the last degrees of the sign signaling the ending of a journey. The great emancipation of the programs that have hindered your growth and expansion. Try to resist the urge to act out of character. The Sun is making an uncomfortable aspect to Uranus, the planet of unpredictability. A lesson good or bad is still a lesson. Who led you to believe that lessons are supposed to be easy? The best lessons can be learned from a perceived negative event.

The Mars Chiron aspect points to painful lessons needing to be learned from a male or masculine type. It could also be that you have reached the time to forgive and forget recent hurts. Try to express your emotional truths as much as that may hurt. Your guides have got your back. The response you receive from the world is your thermometer which takes your emotional temperature. Everything will turn out like it is supposed to. Let go of the need to control outcomes.



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