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Daily Horoscope Dec. 28, 2021

It’s the last Tuesday of 2021 in the matrix and shifts are happening. The Libra Moon has been compiling a list of grievances from the Capricorn stellium that needs to be addressed. Your ego, your thoughts, your desires, and your love language as The Migos raps it, “Needs straightening.” Just before the Moon leaves Libra to seek out the solutions in Scorpio, she will trine Jupiter while both are at the critical 29th degree.

Our growth and expansion have been restricted since Dec. 2, 2019, when Jupiter first entered Capricorn, a Saturn ruled sign. Today, Jupiter will be set free from the grips of Aquarius going home to Pisces taking with him the grievances that have been hindering forward movement.

In other words, this is a time of opportunity. It is also a time when the last two years of hard work start to bring forth the harvest. A time of overcoming obstacles in innovative ways. It’s a time of breakthroughs and breaking free of the past. Only if you have done the work.



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