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Daily Horoscope Dec. 15, 2021

Updated: Nov 3, 2023

It’s Humpday in the matrix, but it’s not any ole Humpday. I told you guys’ December was heating up. I was not kidding. The Moon meets unexpected electricity in the form of Uranus in Taurus. It would help if you learned to be more flexible. Luna is also receiving supporting energy from spiritually connected Neptune whose intuitive power is sending messages from the realm of secrets. Speaking of Venus’s higher octave Neptune, there is a commotion happening from Neptune’s squaring positions. For the last Month, the Sun has shed light onto your Sagittarius house. Now Mars has entered the picture to do the bidding of the dragon’s tail. Depending on your preferred school of astrology, the Nodes of the Moon deal with karma, reincarnation, evolution, or past lives. The ancients saw it as an increase and decrease of a particular energy. Sagittarius has to do with the beliefs and philosophy you live by. Keep in mind, not everyone believes the same thing. Gemini is the local neighborhood in which you reside and the immediate people that are around you.

It is said the best place to have malefic planets is close to the South Node where we find Mars today. Are you scared to live by the beliefs and philosophies that resonate with you, or will you hold yourself to the system of thought forced upon you by people who Mobb Deep warned us about? “Ain’t no such thing as halfway crooks, scared to death, scared to look, they shook?”



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