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Daily Horoscope Dec. 13, 2021

Updated: Nov 3, 2023

My name started to get out there on social media. This would be the first time someone requested to be the astrology ride of the day. I just love your astrology conversations. Before I started writing horoscopes, I was writing about random conversations I would have about astrology. All signs have an opposite: (Aries-Libra), (Taurus-Scorpio), (Gemini-Sagittarius), (Cancer-Capricorn), (Leo-Aquarius), (Virgo-Pisces). It’s interesting to see when someone has their Sun and Moon in opposite signs and houses of each other. Like a Leo Sun having an Aquarius moon. A Libra Moon with an Aries Sun. How does a Libra Sun balance a relationship when their Aries Moon has them passionately focused on themselves? How does Cancer Sun who is worried about their family equalize a Capricorn Moon that doesn’t know when the work is done? How does an Aries Sun in the 7th house of balanced relationship deal with hostility in their relationships? How these dynamics can play out is very fascinating. How does Leo’s love for praise respond to Aquarius’s need to individuate? I was asked by a Virgo Sun-Pisces moon how do you know which side to go with?

I retold an old Indian story. Everyone has 2 wolves inside of them who are fighting each other, A black wolf and a white wolf. Which wolf wins? The one you feed. I am sure this applies in your case as well. Which energy do you feed? There is no good sign or bad sign. It’s a different focus point. The trick is finding the proper balance and learning how to use both energies. A Capricorn-Cancer opposition would find a proper work home balance. The Sagittarius-Gemini develops a balance between talking and listening. Leo-Aquarius is praised for their individuality. Shout out to the one who asked the question. Even though I didn’t directly speak about you, you are still sort of the astrology ride of the day!



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