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Daily Horoscope Dec. 1, 2021

Welcome to December. The last month of the calendar year but not the last month of the seasonal year. Mid-February to mid-March is the end of the seasonal year. We are currently in the 3rd mutation phase. When the leaves finish changing colors to falling upon the ground frozen in the dead of winter. It’s the cycle of life, death, and regeneration. Speaking of death and regeneration, the Moon has moved into occult loving Scorpio. Occult not as fire, hell, and brimstone but as in unpopular or hidden beliefs and practices that deal with the supernatural. Since coming out of retrograde, Saturn has been putting in work. The Scorpio Moon will square Saturn, conveying the question, “what blocks you from your blessings?”

The Mercury Neptune grouping shouts that out of the norm ideas should be taken into consideration. It may be time to contact your trusted reader or spiritual advisor to get stimulated by radical thoughts. It’s a low energy Humpday. While the Sun and Mercury are assisting each other in future seeing Sagittarius, withdraw, dive deep, set the destination, enjoy the ride.



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