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Daily Horoscope Aug. 9, 2021

We begin Monday with the Moon still in Leo recovering from her New Moon rendezvous with the Sun. By time we make it to brunch, she will have progressed into Virgo. We must play the cards we are dealt, and the universe has dealt one hell of a hand with not one but two oppositions. The moon Jupiter opposition could have you looking for deeper truth and meaning in your life. Jupiter is retrograding in scientific Aquarius. Science can be good but when it comes to the spiritual, like Kayne West said, “Sway you don’t have all the answers.” The Moon creates a link with Chiron making it ripe for unseen hurts to pop up. Unfortunately, the Venus Neptune disagreement says a loved one could be the culprit. With Neptune being involved, someone is delusional and unrealistic about what’s really going on. The fog needs to be wiped from the mirror to see and accept the real person in which you are dealing with. Naive ideals can lead to manipulative behavior. Watch out for deceptions. Be mindful the Moon Mars conjunction will have you feeling hasty, impulsive, ready to force your will power. In other words, road rage energy. The more positive expression would be channeling this energy into projects.

What we love, how we love, and what we value needs to be reanalyzed. Is yours programmed by societal norms or truly connected to your heart?

When the heart chakra is ignited, you will find a reservoir of energy and excitement seeing a new way to live. It takes action and a step-by-step approach cutting no corners. This is what brings the spoils of war.



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