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Daily Horoscope Aug. 7, 2021

Happy Saturday. I hope you have recovered from yesterday’s hectic energy. As you sleep, the Moon sashayed her way into Leo preparing herself to meet up with the Sun for her New Moon monthly conjugal visit. Set your new intention, put your crystals out for charging because the actual meeting of the pair will be in the twilight hours of Sunday morning. Before we get there, we must contend with a Mercury Neptune connection that could have you waking up trying to find your focus. You may have taken a few ego hits that has you stumbling around like you took a damaging upper cut from Mike Tyson. The Moon’s early position may leave you needing to withdraw for a standing 8 count. Relationships with loved ones can be unsteady because of the Moon’s awkward exchange with Venus. The Moon Jupiter aspect has the potential to make things bigger. The advanced expression of this would be the ability to show self-control and restraint. Good news for some, not so good for others. The Moon will come into opposition with the gatekeeper Saturn before her meeting with the Sun. The chickens are coming home to roost. Internal frustrations, delays, and blockages for those who have not done the work, your efforts will be shown to you. For those who have done the work, you should see the rewards for your strengths.

The adversities we have experienced may take time. You must retreat to begin to recalibrate. Reconnecting with people, places and things that once brought you emotional pleasure could be the remedy. We need to push past the Leo ego energy reconnecting back to the emotional feminine. Iron sharpens iron. The one who wants it more gets the crown.

Connect to your true soul energy. Embrace your uniqueness. You will always win if you do things you enjoy, which takes being connected to your heart chakra.



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