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Daily Horoscope Aug. 27, 2021

Good feeling Friday to you. The Moon moved into Taurus during the wee hours of the night. This is a great position to enjoy the finer things in life after being left in a weakened daze given your energy to a company all week. The Sun sits at 4 degrees Virgo. The Sabian symbol speaks of “Black and white children play together happily.” Can you break out the box in which you were born? We all must start from somewhere. Who told you that life is fair? You don’t get a participation trophy for lackluster effort. Get the fuck out of here with that shit! The Mercury Jupiter aspect will bring challenges to your beliefs and thought processes, prodding you to reevaluate your programming and even who programmed you. The Moon Mars interaction has emotions on edge to the point you feel like ducking responsibilities choosing to play hooky today. The accommodating Sun Moon trine points to universal help on the way. The Moon's obstructing square to Saturn demands patience. All good things come to those who put in the work. Put your message in a bottle throwing it into the sea of wishes. You never know who will retrieve it.



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