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Daily Horoscope Aug. 21, 2021

It’s Full Moon time. Which means it’s also crystal charging time. Time to power-up for Virgo season, as we reach the last day of Leo season. On February 11, 2021 we had the New Moon in Aquarius. It’s time to pick the harvest, if you nurtured your seedlings in the correct way. The great John ‘Hannibal’ Smith from the A-Team says, “I love it when a great plan comes together.” After navigating our way through some turbulent energy this week, it would be nice to taste the juicy fruit of success. The inner personal planets from Mercury to Mars all have forward momentum. The more outer planets from Jupiter to Pluto are in reverse or retrograde motion. We have a tug-of-war going on. A man vs machine type feel, as we attempt to drag an immovable force. The Moon's square to Uranus has new and exciting possibilities revealed. On the other hand, someone could be acting erratic and out of character. The Moon also has Mars, Mercury, and Venus in her blind spot. The Mars link could see someone in a grumpy mood, who needs to take advice from DJ UNK and “Just Walk it Out.” Unfortunately, the Mercury link steers hurtful words in the direction of loved ones. This event is a chance to get a better understanding of them if it’s not taken personally. The Moon's supportive trine to Chiron enables this to be a time of healing. Events trigger memories from the past to resurface because it needs to be dealt with. Let this Aquarius Full Moon illuminate your closet of secrets to begin the process of taking out the trash.



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