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Daily Horoscope Aug. 17, 2021

Tantalizing Tuesday to you. Venus went home to Libra on Monday. With the Sun in Leo, Mercury in Virgo, retrograding Saturn in Aquarius, and retrograding Neptune the modern ruler of Pisces are all comfortable in their home signs. We also have 4 about to be 5 planets retrograde. Uranus being the 5th going retrograde in 2 days. Emotionally we are ready to be free setting our course for far off destinations, but the Sagittarius moon is being constrained. The passionate fiery Sun and Moon is being smothered by the practical grounding earth energy. What’s left of it being blown out by the intellectual retrograding air. The energy of following your heart’s desires leaning on your true talents is met with delays. Accept this is not the time of forward movement but reviewing and correcting past mishaps. Mercury’s involvement with Pluto brings challenges to the way you think and process information as well as help with any project that needs intense focus now.

We all have our idea of success. We would love for that success to come from a talent or skill we enjoy. You will have to transition into something new. It will take hope and healing preparing yourself for better days ahead. Conquer your fears, understanding where you went wrong and why you may self-sabotage. Scared money doesn’t make money, if you want to be the one seated on the throne that proclaims,” Let them eat cake.”



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