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Daily Horoscope Aug. 11, 2021

Today will feel like its nickname hump day because of the two different flavors from morning to evening. On one hand, relationships of all kinds will be powerful and intense leading some to start making a list of alternative routes to take. This is because of the quickly changing tides due to the rapid movement of the moon, thankfully. Early in the morning the Moon meets Venus while in trine to Pluto which intensifies everything it touches. Sensual Venus with emotional Moon and sex driven Pluto calls for a little morning delight before you head off to work. By the afternoon all that amorous energy gives way to difficulty, frustrations, and reconsidering continued involvement in which you are attached. When planets shift signs, they like to have the last laugh. The moon will leave Virgo moving into Libra as Mercury shows his ass before he leaves attention seeking Leo taking his exalted throne in Virgo. Your need to be heard may attract haters. A warning to the empaths. Watch out for the energy vampires, the Moon's opposition with Neptune has psychic energies on point but there is blood in the water ready to kick off a feeding frenzy. Lastly, the conqueror Mars sees his destiny in the North Node on the horizon, if any opportunities come to you today you must seize it.



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