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Depending on your nature, this is an exciting time or anxious time. It’s understandable when everyone’s foundations have been traumatized in some way. The excited ones see this time as the chance they were waiting for. The perturbed ones are holding on for dear life wondering when it will all end. We have 3 planets at the critical 29th degree. When a planet moves from one sign energy into another, the shift over is very powerful. Venus on the verge of joining the Sun and Mercury in Sagittarius. The more powerful shift is the heavy weights Jupiter and Saturn into Aquarius. The Moon joins them as well as Pluto for one last stellium sleepover in Capricorn. The universe is asking you to attend to your affairs that would make the structures of your life sit on a more solid foundation. The Mercury Mars trine infuses you with the energy of assertiveness and quick action to move forward with confidence. As you move, the Moon Uranus trine asks you to be open to new ways and ideas of doing things. The square with Chiron brings to your attention you may have to rebuild a bridge you once burned to the ground. Even though you're feeling unsettled, insecure, and unsafe, the Venus Saturn sextile helps you find the constancy you need to “Keep Your Eyes on The Prize.”



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