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As we still contend with the Full Moon energy, it shifts slightly because of the Mars Jupiter square.  The Mars Jupiter connection can be a little tricky to contend with, they are both hot planets. Without proper containment, fires can get out of hand.  On one hand, it could lead to fights over ideals, but on the other hand, it can be the pioneering spirit that pushes you to further yourself.  A purposeful drive.  Adding the Leo Aquarius axis to the gumbo, we have air versus fire, self versus others, conventional versus alternative.  I used the word versus, but i don't mean in a competitive way, although it can be.  One way to access the balanced expression of both would be, being creative (Leo) with your futuristic (Aquarius) plans.  One set back, Venus is making a challenging aspect to the Sun and Saturn putting business and personal relationships on thin ice.  When someone changes themselves (1st house), it has a ripple effect. The way you're seen publicly (10th house),  the way you relate to others (7th house), and your living situation (4th house). Don't be surprised if you or your partner is looking for the escape hatch.



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