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Collective Effort

As we begin the last week of 2020, the end is near. It seemed like we would never make it here. Although we will still be dealing with the same issues, it will still be nice to get rid of the 2020 calendar book. For some it’s been the year to forget. For others it has been a year of deep transformation if you used the time wisely. Now is the time to set realistic 2021 intentions. Today we find the Moon in inquisitive Gemini with the North Node in opposition to Venus. Usually this would indicate unsettled business/personal relationships, whatever you do with others. The North Node being a symbol of potential growth, Venus being our security and value system. What do you do when you are growing in different ways? When two people grow in different ways, they usually end up parting ways. The most important relationship in your life is the relationship you have with yourself. We are multifaceted beings, there is more than one side of you. It is possible that one side grows but the others do not. What should you do when this happens? You have to find a way to get the other parts of you up to speed with the new growth. If you don’t, the old parts will drag the new growth back to which it has come. The Gemini conjunction of the Moon and North Node ask you to cultivate a healthy curiosity with life, ask questions of others to see how they do things, be focused when listening to the answers, have an openness to new ideas, and to seek out factual information to get all sides of you effectively operating in one collective effort.



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