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Gemini is the sign of questions and answers. What makes the Full Moon an eclipse? It is near the North Node. Full Moons are signals of new cycles beginning or old cycles falling off. The eclipsed Full Moon is even more powerful. The North Node points to where your soul wants to go. The South Node points to the things you need to let go. Find the Gemini/Sagittarius axis in your chart, this will show you where the energy is playing out for you on a personal level. Gemini’s are always asking questions from others seeking to find options and answers. Although we ask others for answers when it comes down to it, you still have to make the choice. The best answers to your questions come from within, not from outside yourself. We are taught not to trust our inner knowing but to trust in the words of those who are at a perceived higher societal level than us. Energy while powerful it moves subtly. It’s like the music playing in the background of a movie. To hear the song, you have to tune out what’s going on in the movie. On this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse tune out the noise from others to find your own inner answers. What would make your life happier and more enjoyable? Keep in mind to make room for new, you have to discard the old to move forward. This includes people, places, and things. Don’t get caught up being so sentimental about the past that you can’t let go. Stop identifying with that painful story, that failed relationship, that missed opportunity. That story is not who you are. If I take that story away from you, then who would you be? You can’t be in two places at once.



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