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You heard the saying “Strike while the iron is hot?” The iron is lukewarm. The Moon Sun sesquisquare aspect calls for patience because energy levels have not fully powered up. This day could feel as if you're out of sync. You may catch every red-light on your way to your destination or get a phone call, but they hang up right as you answer type stuff. This could be a few days of healing or hurts because Chiron is being activated again. This time making aspects to Mercury by sesquisquare and by quincunx aspect with Venus. Communication with female energy will touch a sore spot for you or you could be the female doing the touching. To be able to release emotional baggage it must come to the surface. When Chiron is aspected, it points to past hurts, pains, and grudges that you are holding on to. To change the present, you have to come to terms with the past. Love, money, security, value systems, or materials are Venus themes which are up for review. These areas need a make-over. Once you have made adjustments, it will be much easier for you to “Let go and let God.” The universe truly has your back!



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