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When a planet is too close to the Sun, the qualities of this planet’s energy is burned up by the Sun's powerful rays. This is called being under the beams of the Sun. When the planet gets in the center of the Sun it has reached the heart of the sun or cazimi. This is when the qualities of that planet are infused with solar energy enhancing the powers of the planet. Venus, what we love and how we love, will be in the heart of the Sun today bolstering your Libra and Taurus areas. Combining this with the Moon being in Leo, it’s a great time to get in touch with your heart chakra. The Moon’s tug-of-war with Jupiter can go one of two ways; either you can go overboard leaning towards extravagance or you could receive some wisdom which helps you take another step forward. The Moon’s uncomfortable aspects to the Sun, Pluto, Chiron, and Neptune will have you daydreaming of weekend adventures waking up tomorrow saying, “Thank God It’s Friday.”



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