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We begin another week in 2021. The winds of change are in the air. The country endured a tense shift of power. This shift of power is being felt on the collective level and wherever Aquarius is found in your personal birth chart. Anything the Sun gets too close to will burn and wither away. When a planet is in the heart (Middle) of the Sun it’s called Cazimi, which is where we find Saturn. This is not a good placement for a planet, but Saturn has help. Saturn is sitting in a covered chariot. What does that mean? Saturn is the ruler of Aquarius, it’s as if it is being shielded from a full blast from the Sun’s rays. It’s like going to the barber shop or salon asking for a shape up and trim but you’re not trying to change the whole style. The talkative Gemini Moon is delivering messages from the North Node in nervous aspects to the Sun, Jupiter, and Saturn could manifest as shocking statements made forcing you to want to take action. Although, swift action is the route you feel like choosing, this is just a moment of attention getting. You have to first become aware that, “Houston, we have a problem.” -John Swigert 1970.



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Jan 24, 2021

isn't cazimi also the name of one of saturn's moons?

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