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You wake up feeling energized. The temperamental Moon has moved into fiery Aries taking a seat next to Mars and distressful Chiron. Passion and emotional courage come to mind when thinking of this combination. Chiron, the wounded healer, may get called to duty if you're not mindful of your words. These 3 placements are creating a frustrating square to Mercury, which is still in retrograde. Don't get so passionate that you either say too much or say the wrong thing. Affectionate Venus is making a peaceful aspect to the Moon, making it a smooth ride to lovers lane by the evening time. Helping with the good times. The Sun is making a useful aspect to Neptune, and Uranus posing the query,  “Do dreams come true?” In the movie The Knight's Tale, Heath Ledger sets out to answer 1 question, "Can a man change his stars?" The answer: If he believes enough!



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