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Breaking the Chains: Overcoming Passivity to Embrace Your Inner Queen of Wands

The World

The late great Tupac once rapped about his ambitions as a rider. Not everyone wants to be a rider, but everyone should have ambitions to fulfill a purpose. Whatever that is for you personally. You need to gain control over your growth energy, emotions, material goods, and ambitions. In other words, command of your four elements which is earth, air, water and fire.

Queen of Wands Rev

You may be confronted with how being afraid of confrontations of any kind via being passive and yielding to others has prevented you from reaching your goals. Do you stand for something, or do you fall for anything? The root of the problem goes all the way back to your primary caregiver, for most of us it's the mother. That relationship directly influences your personal and professional relationships today. Make the correction or stop complaining. Before you start the pity party, you're not special. Has it ever crossed your mind you had to go through that to truly understand the lesson at this point? Have you ever heard of the rite of passage?

4 of Wands Rev

Are you seeking productivity and prosperity so you could be happy? Have you stopped long enough to look around you now, is that a sign of productivity and prosperity? If not, what do you call it? Is your lack of happiness because of your lack of appreciation?

The Devil Rev

Developing the inner strength to ward off the tempting negative forces of everyday life will release you from your self-imposed prison. It will also shield you with a coat of Teflon, preventing negative people, places and situations from knocking you off balance. People will always try you, expect it and accept it! It's part of the game.

If you take the stance of defeat is not an option, allow your uniqueness to come out in a creative way, emotional security and wholeness will be yours.



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