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Brand New Year

Welcome to a brand-new year! 2021 we all have been excitedly awaiting your arrival. As we begin this day the Moon Sun quincunx will have you feeling out of sorts. For some it’s not because of the quincunx it’s because you were quindrunk. When we have these special occasion moments your relationship status takes center stage. When the clock struck midnight, who did you turn to? That’s when being alone can leave that empty feeling in your stomach. What may even be worse is having the alone feeling while you are currently in a relationship. Venus’s complicated aspect to the Moon and Uranus can bring about situations that test your comfort zones. The feminine energy of the universe is uneasy, you don’t mess with an irritated female if you know what’s good for you. If you can find a way to escape into another dimension mentally, the Mercury Neptune sextile offers the energy to dream up new possibilities for 2021 and beyond. You have to be able to envision it before you can receive it. The Moon’s added connection to Neptune cries for a brief moment, pushing those worries to the side, learning to let go, and enjoy the moment of being in the now. Although there is some tense energy in the atmosphere, The Moon’s square to Uranus can provide some unexpected surprises, see if you can go with the flow.



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