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Blown Fuse

We have one hell of an Aquarius stellium in our midst. The Moon has joined the Sun, Saturn, Jupiter, Venus, and Mercury in the sign of Aquarius. We have 6 planets plugged in the same surge protector, if you’re not careful you can blow up the fuse box. You could even start a house fire, especially with flame throwing Mars with schizophrenic Uranus whispering in his ear standing in the squaring position in Taurus. Retrograding Mercury is in a volatile position with an aggravated Mars setting the scene for words to take on a more aggressive tone. Be mindful, good intentions may not be perceived as such. You may feel the need to speak up because the Moon’s square with unpredictable Uranus has people acting out of character. Chiron’s aspects to the Moon and Saturn have our energy vibrations on low but sensitivity meters on high. Speak up but you can’t control others reactions. On a more positive note, Chiron is also offering healing opportunities. This could be a time of facing fears and overcoming obstacles, if you have done the work.



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