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Bird's Eye View

I'm not going to bullshit you today; this is a really intense time. It's not like I have to tell you though, from Covid-19, to financial situations, to where do we go from here.  It’s not only for us as a collective but as individuals as well. When sitting in the middle of a circle, you can not see the entire circle. You can only see what is in front and in your peripheral. To see the whole circle you need a birds-eye view. The further away, the more of the circle you can see. To do this, it takes detachment. We have 2 days with the moon in Aquarius, who loves not only freedom but detachment. We have all fallen victim to being held to some social norm. What actually is normal? With freedom comes individualization, which has no place in a norm. To fully express your birth potential, you have to be uniquely you. Which may take a birds-eye view to see it. Spread your wings and take flight.



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