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Now that you have set your intentions for this month, and thought about what you want to bring forth, it's time to get started.  Thankfully, when you wake up, the Moon will have made her way into Virgo to help you with the practical details.  Time to roll up your sleeves and get to work.  When we make plans, we think we know the best way to get there. One thing you can never plan for is bumps, detours, and accidents in the road.  Earth signs are the ground practical signs but Virgo is the most flexible out of the 3 because of it's mutability. Some can mistake Virgo as perfectionist, but it's really the earth's sign need for order, which can lead to coming across as controlling.  A sesquisquare is another minor challenging aspect in astrology that points to an area that you need to learn.  The only way to learn it is through experiences.  The moon is making a sesquisquare to Jupiter, Pluto, Saturn, and Mars creating an atmosphere for minor irritations.  If you have a minor dust up or something just chaps your hide today, it's not personal.  It's the universe saying, "You may be overlooking this area."  I said a minor aspect, it's really not that serious if you don't allow it to be. No need to make a mountain out of a molehill.



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