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It has been one hell of a first work week as we stumble into the weekend. Astrology sounds like a bunch of words and looks like funny symbols in a circle but in the end it's just a type of energy expression. When planets change signs there is a huge shift of energy focus. Just before it leaves, a mark will be made to commemorate its presence in the sign. “Ladies and gentlemen, the star left the building!” What we all saw in the capital was Mars showing his ass just hours before he left the sign of Aries entering into Taurus. Today, we have two more energy shifts with Mercury joining Saturn and Jupiter in the sign of Aquarius. If you thought the Christmas star was a sight to see, go outside to see Mercury hanging out with Jupiter and Saturn. Venus also leaves Sagittarius joining the Sun and Pluto in Capricorn once again creating a Capricorn stellium. We have 5 planets at early degrees of a sign, signaling a great time for new beginnings. Mercury’s ingress into Aquarius shifts our thoughts and communication to a more intellectual us over me attitude. Mars’s shift into Taurus puts some of Mars fire out with this earthy sign. Still just as fierce, we will begin severing ties with things and people that no longer serve your greater good. Venus’s move into Capricorn can help with the remodeling of the old structures that you have cleared away. If you are in need of a major makeover Venus is your girl. When we change our minds and go in a different direction, the choices we choose may not sit right with others. The Mercury Mars square brings the energy of tension with decisions made. The Scorpio Moon provides the iced water to your veins needed to stay the course.



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