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I hope you wake up with some momentum left over from yesterday's grand trine in fire to start off your day.  Like  Cactus Jack, the wrestler, used to say, "Bang Bang!"  Don't get too carried away; guns have been known to backfire.  The Moon moves into opposition with Venus bringing with it a build of pressure in how we relate to people.  With the addition of Sun square Uranus, either you or others could act out of character and rebel against anyone who you perceive standing in the way.  Make sure you lean more to the Virgo analytical side today before acting.  It could be the difference between smooth sailing and sailing in a storm.  All of this can be avoided if you're able to control your emotions long enough to let the other speak.  Can you truly hear the other person, if your waiting for them to stop so you can speak next?  Venus is in Gemini the twins. There is two sides of a conversation, talking and listening.  You must do both.  The sky has a lot of energy on one side of the pie; it's like an uneven load of clothes in the washing machine.  If you don't even it out, it will keep banging around.



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