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As we begin another work week, we find the Moon in early degrees of Cancer. The Moon loves to be in Cancer. It’s like the feeling of arriving home after a long business trip. There is nothing like the comfort of your own bed. The watery Moon is working well with the watery Pisces Sun. This is good energy for positive rewarding things to come to you. Not so fast my friend, don’t run with thoughts of chocolate and roses types of day. Not all positive and rewarding things show up in a positive way, a negative experience can yield positive outcomes. Mercury has finally come out of retrograde clearing the way for forward movement with any plans you put on delay. During the retrograde you were weighing your options, now it’s time to trim the fat. Trimming the fat in the form of people, places, and things that no longer serve your greater good. This can be a negative event that brings the reward of a lighter more joyous life journey for you, not them. The Moon’s annoyed aspect with Venus, Mercury, Saturn, and Chiron says, “it’s time to cut those stressful ties.” The Moon’s aspect to Mars provides the looming potential for overreactions, try to keep your cool. The Moon Sun trine declares your intuitive hits are correct, find a way to trust the feelings you are having. YOU ARE RIGHT ON TIME!



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