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Aug. 2, 2021

Updated: Nov 3, 2023

As we begin not only a new work week, but we also greet the Month of August. We are reaching the middle of the fixed season of Leo. Leo can represent the child-like qualities inherent in all of us. Interesting how this is the time of year when we start sending kids back to school, for some that journey begins today. The Moon is in the perfect sign to start that journey, Gemini. The sign has one expression, but the condition of the Moon is another. The Moon is in a T-Square with retrograding Jupiter in Aquarius at the critical 29th degree and Mars in Virgo. We begin the day with a little Monday blues as growth and expansion contends with the will to as the great Larry the Cable guy would say “Getter Done!” On a brighter note, if you have been struggling with negatively charged thoughts or need to have that conversation to patch things up this could be the time of release. Mercury makes a positive aspect with the wounded healer Chiron. Who are you really hurting walking around with that chip on your shoulder?



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