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It usually takes Venus around 30 days to travel through a sign.  Venus has been In Gemini since April 3 and will ingress into Cancer mid morning today.  Wait, I thought you said 30 days?  Venus went retrograde while in Gemini, that is the reason for the added days.  Some say Venus Is how we love, but it's more like how we express our love. While in Gemini, the focus was on how we communicate our love to others.  We go from thinking (Air) to feeling (Water).  Cancer is a nurturing, motherly type of energy.  It can also be a highly sensitive emotionally charged sign.  For a magnet to work you need two objects, the attractor and the attracted.  Venus would be the attractor.  It pulls or attracts things to us.  While Venus is in Cancer, we will attract things to us which helps us understand how we express our nurturing side in relationships.  Cancer is the crab that has a shell, which is really a smoke and mirrors representation of security.  They are really softer than baby poop.  Cancer also represents the emotional body.  When sensitive Cancer's feelings are touched they seek the security of isolation in their shell, but they can get trapped in their own shell.  How do you express your nurturing energy to your loved ones?  What do you need to heal, adjust, or eliminate altogether that will allow you to express your love more naturally?



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