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Aquarius Stellium

I always have a slight chuckle inside when I hear or see the comment “I hate this sign, or this sign is this or that.” If you follow the source of that hatred it always leads to someone with that sign that has done them dirty. Why the chuckle on my part? Because what that person doesn’t realize is, they are actually saying they hate an aspect of themselves. 95% of the population don’t understand that everyone has every sign inside of them. The only question is where that sign energy is located inside of you. The answer is determined by your rising sign. That being said, all of you who have said I hate Aquarius, I have bad news for you. We are swimming in a sea of Aquarius energy. I hope you know how to do the dog paddle or you better grab hold of some floatation device. “We have five” yes, I said five planets in the sign of Aquarius. The Sun, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, and Mercury which just went retrograde are in Aquarius. Mars from the squaring position in Taurus is also part of the Aquarius stellium conversation. The Moon and Mars are not on good speaking terms but the Moon being in balance minded Libra tries to keep everyone civil at this massive meeting of all visible planets. The sun is laying the Aquarian plan out for all to see. Shake ups, shocks, the unexpected are all on the table. What once was unacceptable will now be acceptable. This is truly a transcending time. You may try to fight it because it makes you emotionally uncomfortable. Floaties or not, you only have 2 options. Sink or swim. There are no time outs.



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