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Aquarius Season

Updated: Nov 3, 2023

We have reached the middle of winter which also means we have reached the Aquarius Season. The Sun has come to the sign of its detriment while the ruler of the sign Saturn is copresent. Detriment is when a planet is in the opposite sign of the sign it rules. The planet is in a difficult setting with no access to resources or people who will lend a helping hand. Until Feb. 18th the Sun will be under the control of the lord of darkness. Although in a weakened state, the Sun still brings light to your Aquarius house where you need structural change. Aquarius is an air sign pointing to the energy of intellect, information, and communication which are valuable skills needed when dealing with groups of people.

For the next 30 days the essence of the ego is under examination. What is your relationship with authority and authority figures? How do your fears limit you from achieving your goals? Do you have self-control and discipline or are you defensive and in denial? Are you ready for the Aquarius season? Kronos always comes to collect on time.



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